2743 Poplar St, Philadelphia, PA 19130
Bar Hours: 4pm-2am
Restaurant Hours: 4pm-11pm on weekdays, 4pm-10pm on weekends

Era Bar and Restaurant

"I come here for quizzo on Wednesdays. Solid place. Food is surprisingly good. Traditional Ethiopian cuisine."

"Friendly place to gather and talk. My first time eating Ethiopian food. I was pleasantly surprised."

"Really good ethiopian! Sunday evening I had the special lamb tibs which was outstanding and gf had the doro, also very good. Injera had a nice sourness, and the portions were absolutely perfect. Sides were well spiced, and they were nice enough to serve us good food even at a late hour. Friendly wait staff, really reasonable prices! We will be back."

"Really loved eating at this family-run restaurant. The food was excellent (best Ethiopian food I've had in Philly, definitely!), the bar was well-stocked (gotta love that Philly citywide special!), and the staff was so kind (accommodating our huge group of 50ish students very patiently!). Highly recommend!"

About Us
After coming to America in the early 1980s Aklilu Senbeta started working right away to support his family. He wanted to share his cultural cuisine and love for bringing people together, hence ERA was born. The name ERA is a dedacation to his family, E and R are the first letters of his childrens name (at the time, he now also has a lovely daughter) and A is his first initial. 2743 Poplar is a now a hub of laughter, good food, spirits, and never ending conversation.